Greater visual experiences!

A digital solution for sports advertising is compiled of elements according to the need of the stadium or the arena thereby offering flexibility
in both design and applications. The elements interact with each other and create great visual experiences for both the spectators at the stadium
and the viewers at home. We develop and manufacture all the elements for digital sports advertising solutions:

Wider product range

With a digital solution you will be able to offer your sponsors and advertisers dynamic, flexible and eye-catching advertising possibilities. Due to the flexibility of digital sports advertising, you will also be able to offer a wider and better targeted product range, where sponsors and advertisers can buy advertisements, which are shown for instance in connection with corner kicks, penalty kicks and goals.

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Danni Dyrberg

Digital advertising at sports events creates great visibility messages. Contact me to find out more.

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Entertainment Value

Digital sports advertising offer a wide range of advantages for both the stadium and its many stakeholders. The overall value of entertainment is remarkably increased with perimeter displays and big screens, where zoom-ins, super slow motion, stop/freeze shots, goal repeats, player info and the current score can be shown.

It is not only the spectators at the stadium who get a greater visual experience; the viewers watching the game at home on the TV also get a greater visual experience.

Sponsors and Advertisers

Previously advertising on stationary and rolling perimeters was, due to the long term contract on the advertising space and the high production costs, primarily limited to financially strong companies. The flexibility of the digital LED perimeters opens up the possibility of selling advertising minutes instead of advertising space and for selling advertising for any number of games. This combined with the relatively low production costs on content for the LED perimeters, opens sports marketing up for a whole new group of advertisers.