Billund Airport

When travellers enter an airport, it is important that they quickly get an overview
of the airport and where they are supposed to go.

The solution is designed in co-operation with Idéskilte a Danish signage company. Idéskilte has designed the housing for the signs and we have supplied and installed the LED screens in the housing and handled the installation of the signs at the airport.

About the LED Screens

  • SMD screens with 6 mm resolution (EXP6 SMD-I)
  • 100 % flexible screen area
  • Can be used unlimitedly for variable information
  • Can be divided into areas with different content
  • Custom designed "housing" with stylish finish

In order to help their travellers, Billund Airport had in the fall 2011 two large LED information screens installed in the check-in area. On the screens are shown flight departures, gates, check-in and luggage information. A short animated video that informs about the Self Service Check-in is also shown on the LED information screens.

LED Screens Create a Quick Overview

Each information screen is 7.08 m² and naturally attracts the travellers' attention, when they enter the airport. Not only are the screens visible from a distance, they are also readable, which makes it possible for the travellers to quickly orientate themselves at the airport.