Reliable and flexible quality products

We have a wide selection of LED modules for both indoor and outdoor usage. All of our LED products are developed, designed and produced by our subsidiary company Expromo. Below you find an overview of all our products divided into two categories; LED modules and digital LED signs.

LED Modules

LED modules

See our wide selection of professional, quality LED products.
Professional LED screens are the most flexible screens - each screen is build from modules to the desired format and size.
We have LED modules for both indoor and outdoor use.

LED Signs

LED signs

We offer standard LED signs and custom-designed signage solutions. In our design for the outdoor LED signs, we have focused on creating a streamlined and elegant design, functionality and visual impact. The LED screens are custom-designed for outdoor use, which means that the screens can withstand rain and snow and furthermore the impressive picture quality is not affected by daylight or direct sunlight are not affected by rain and snow.

Control systems

We offer the industry's most simple and user-friendly control system for managing digital signs and their content. Your digital sign is managed via the internet, which ensures you a quick overview and easy update. You can set up time-controlled playlists for either one sign, selected signs or all your signs. If you need to update the playlist, it is fast and easy and the signs are updated right away according to your changes in the playlist.

The safe and reliable choice

ProShop Europe sells Expromo LED products, which offer the LED industry's best design and quality. The LED products are designed, developed and produced by the Danish owned company Expromo. The products' unsurpassed quality combined with our skilled technicians' knowledge and experience with the LED products, make our LED solutions the safe and reliable choice.


All Expromo LED products have been EMC-tested and meet the requirements set out in the EMC Directive

EU legislation dictates that all technical appliances must comply with the EMC Directive. The purpose of this directive is to ensure that technical appliances cannot cause or contribute to interference with radio and telecommunication equipment. Another requirement is that the equipment has a built-in immunity to electromagnetic interference.

Danni Dyrberg - ProShop Europe

Danni Dyrberg

The future of signage is digital! I have many years of experience with LED solutions and chose to specialise in digital signage.

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